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Shine H2O is a naturally sweetened Vitamin D3 Antioxidant and Electrolyte water with no sugar added, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives.  Designed by physicians, each bottle delivers the most bioactive form of Vitamin D3 plus Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, and Vitamin B12 to keep you healthy and strong.  Infused with  select plant extracts for Antioxidant support and and Green Tea Extract for natural energy, Shine H2O is the beverage of choice to enhance your health and elevate your game.  We're sending out good vibes to you from our home in the beautiful food and beverage mecca of Charleston, SC- come Shine with us!

Our Mission

To deliver superior beverages that promote optimum health using the power of nature.  And we're not just improving health at home, our company seeks to have a global impact:  a portion of sales are donated to provide life-saving vitamins to women and children in Africa and Central America through our social partner One World Health.


 Shine Gallery

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Where to Buy

In Stores

south Region

Whole Foods Charleston                     Mozzo Deli  

Whole Foods Columbia                       Ted's Butcherblock

Whole Foods Greenville                      Pitt Street Pharmacy

Hen and Goat                                        Boone Hall Farms

Harris Teeter (20)                                    Saffron Restaurant & Bakery

Mercantile and Mash                             Kwik Stop (West Ashley) (2)                              

Cupcake Down South (2)                      Circe's Grotto

Nana's Donuts                                       

JDS Market (Rutledge Ave.)                 





We love to hear from our friends and customers and value your feedback!  Have a question, a suggestion on how we can improve our products or maybe a great idea for a new Shine H2O flavor?  Contact us here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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